Maya Car Rig Generator

I wanted to have a straight-forward car rig, which is fast to set up and simple to animate. After playing around with some tools I found, most of them had too much options while it was still hard to simply animate the car along a curve and keep the animation editable. So I decided to build my own mel script.

You can get it here:

For detailed information about this mel script and how it works, watch this video:

Maya car rig from igorov3d on Vimeo.

Wiesbaden Klarenthal 1986

There is no logic or bigger story behind this image. This place didn`t exist in reality, I just wanted to recreate what is left from the memories of my childhood in the 80s. All models & textures by myself, made from scratch. Modeled in Maya, rendered in VRay and composed in Fusion.


In this project I wanted to create the sublime mood of a unspectacular winding road. I created all the models & textures by myself. I did some research for the plants and collected some of them when I was on the fields with my son. So I had a proper modeling reference. The spruce-trees were created with paint effects (not using any presets, all from scratch). Only the HDRI for the lighting and backplate compositing is not by me. The scene has about 60 Million polygons, rendertime was ~10 hours on a single machine. Made with Maya and Vray. Postwork done in Fusion, textures in Photoshop.

Explanation Video

I have been working on this short explanation video during the last time. This video explains a SEO product, and I came up with a story of a competition of all kind of flying objects in order to explain the competitive situation in the search engine rankings.


Peak Brother Shortfilm

Peak Brother Filmposter


This shortfilm was realized during a period of 6 month as my final diploma project. I was responsible for all aspects, including story, design, modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, simulation, lighting, matte painting,rendering, compositing.

Music is composed by Anthony Raijekov.

The character rig is based on a mel script by Dustin Nelson, called “Rapid Rig”, which I modified a little bit. Here you can see a rough demonstration of it:


Old And Grey

Quick sketch inspired by a poem, written by William Butler Yeats.

Citroen CX

I always liked these older cars so I decided to model this one from blueprints.

At The Gates of Sleep

This is a Illustration project consisting of three images building a triptychon. The technique I used was graphit pencil on bristol board.



Coming Home!

This was the final image for a contest on CGSociety.

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